Why Morning Yoga Practise Rocks

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When you add yoga has one of your daily activities in the morning routine it can make a whole lot more difference in your life! We live in a time when it seems we just don’t have enough time to give ourselves but if we somehow find the courage to start doing yoga regularly and make it a habit it will go a long way in helping us maintain a healthy body and mind.

It has been scientifically confirmed that a morning practice has indeed helped bring changes in the lives of millions of people all over this world. So, if you find the strength and patience to practice yoga, in return you will get the most important joy of all  – peace in the body and mind. I can honestly say I feel the benefits of doing this practise every single week.

In case you’re still not convinced that getting up an hour early is worth it – here are my top 5 reasons to practice yoga first thing in the morning.


We are what we eat

It is common knowledge and has been experienced by many that if the previous night we had consumed rich food, the following morning we wake up feeling bloated. But when you eat normal food you wake up feeling much better and lighter. Nature has designed our body in such a way that while we sleep our body is busy sorting through and digesting everything we ate last night and in that process absorbs nutrients & discards waste. But if we practice yoga in the morning it not only improves our digestion but  increases our metabolism and even in those days where we may consume junk food like pizzas and burgers we will wake up not feeling as bloated or lethargic because regular yoga is taking care of our body.

A good night sleep in itself an important physical exercise

Practicing yoga helps us focus more and helps fight stress which is the number one reason for losing sleep. As we know now, that when we are asleep our body is working to extract nutrients and if we do not get enough sleep this cycle gets disturbed. Regular yoga helps you fight stress which leads to a peaceful night of sleeping.

Yoga keeps you going all throughout the day

Just because you may sit all day in front of computer does not mean that you feel relaxed. On the contrary a desk job is the number one reason for various physical ailments like back ache, weight gain and joint pain. When you practice yoga in the morning it helps build stamina and muscles because yoga is about breathing and stretching and when that happens the blood flow increases along with the oxygen level, which keeps our body fully energised throughout the day.

Increases our level of focus at work

The work environment can be highly competitive and requires a very high degree of concentration, but when a individual suffers from back ache, joint pain, indigestion and constipation they tend to lose focus. Practising yoga before work gives us the power to focus the mind and improves your concentration throughout the day.

More energy when you come home

When you reach home after a long days work you may feel like you just don’t have any energy to to help your children, be loving towards our husband/wife or even have the energy to cook a healthy meal which can start to put a strain both on relationships and your body. Regular yoga practise in the morning not only keeps you fit and energised through the day at the office but when you get home you have the strength to do just about any activity, and when we are happy our body releases endorphins which relaxes our body, making us a more fun, energetic and happy person to be around.

PLUS a morning yoga session means a big breakfast afterwards!!