5 Ideas to Ignite Your Inner Fire and Survive the Cold Snap


SO I'm sitting here laughing at myself because funnily enough I had a blog post scheduled for this week named 'Welcoming Spring with Open Arms' and spoke about my excitement of removing another layer of clothing!! HAHA well instead I am sat here with additional layers of clothing on and thought it more appropriate to give you 5 ideas that will help ignite your inner fire as we prepare for the BEAST FROM THE EAST weather that's on it's way!!

(The spring blog post will be coming out next week that's a promise!!)

So it here goes:

1. Keep Moving - It's tempting to just curl up into a ball under the duvet BUT if you do get the body moving I promise it will make you feel better and warm up the body. It's suggested that you should try twice as hard in the winter to stay active than the summer so Why not come and YOGA with me on a Thursday evening or Monday morning at Tapnell Farm?! I promise it will be energising and fun too and we will definitely all be glowing by the end of it!

2. Soak up Vitamin D - It may be cold but we also tend to get those really beautiful sunny days with not a cloud in the sky so make sure you try and get outside. The exposure to sunlight will help you feel more positive about winter and the cold weather. Wrap up warm and take a walk. I love exploring the great outdoors by making a route to my favourite tea spot! Then you get a hot drink too :)

3. Get a Good Nights Sleep - Have a set bedtime and a set wake time if you truly want to feel rested and reap the benefits of sleep. It may be hard, but try to go to bed and rise at similar times on the weekends, too. We tend to break our routines during the winter season, which can lead to health problems so do your best to schedule in some sleep.  Some research shows that getting enough sleep each week also boosts your chances at achieving your fitness goals!

4. Don't Hide Away - Focusing on being positive during a cold snap can help so it's good to stay sociable and not just curl up on the sofa. Get your friends together for a night in or head to an exercise class together and tick two things off this list?!

5. Eat Lots of Vegetables - It's easy to binge on fatty foods when it's cold but it's not going to help you stay on top form. Making a soup like this hearty vegetable one will warm you up and feed you with all the nutrients and vitamins you need to keep in tip top condition (and help stave off any nasty bugs!)

Spring is on it's way lovely people so do not despair, the daffodils outside my house are telling me so.  For now, stay warm, enjoy the beautiful crisp cold mornings and if you're lucky enough to get some snow, get the sledge out and head to your nearest hill to have some fun!


Jenny Stewart