Give Spring a BIG Hug From Me


As we emerge from winter hibernation into the month of March, Spring starts to seem a little more within our reach. A time for cleansing and lightening the load in both the physical and emotional sense. Spring excites me - the thought of lighter days, one less layer (hooray!!), nature starting to come alive (hello daffodils!) and everything starts to awaken. It’s time to get moving! 

In yoga, it provides a time to cleanse and re energise the body for the months ahead and for a more active yoga practise. During the emergence of spring, getting active, getting outdoors and cleansing the body to THRIVE  through to the next season are high on the priority list for me. It’s all about getting into the best place possible with body and mind (I’m a summer baby what can I say!).

To make the most of your emergence into the new season here’s a few little suggestions: 

  • Set your alarm 5 mins early and take a little time each morning to soak in the vitamin D by taking yourself and maybe your mat (or maybe just your coffee!) outside or to near a window to absorb that beautiful morning light before you start your day. 
  • Make time to move throughout your day - maybe a walk at lunch,  a seated twist at your desk, cycle to work or head to a yoga class before or after the office. 
  • A few key poses to add into your yoga practise could include a spinal twist, forward fold and some nice low lunge heart opening action as we unfold from the winter days. 
  • Feed your body with the food that will help it! On warmer days I love a green smoothie made with avocado, kale, mango and coconut water. When it’s cold I still enjoy porridge in the mornings for an energising hit.
  • Make this mood boosting self love tea (full credit to Julie Montague for this recipe!) - a ginger tea bag, pinch gf cinnamon, 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, 1 orange slice, 1 tsp honey - recipe is for two cups! It honestly works and leaves you feeling revitalised. It’s also a good option instead of that 3pm biscuit.

Energise and thrive are becoming my two key words of wisdom for the next few weeks so if you see me out and about - I’ll no doubt be moving whether that be on the mat, walking the hills or pounding the pavements! (also because I’ve got a half marathon to train for I’m really putting my words into practise!!) 

Don't forget that you can join me on Monday mornings and Thursday evenings at Tapnell Farm Park for an energising yoga practise (and a lovely relaxation to end!)




Jenny Stewart