Finding Balance Between Opposites


Recently I've found myself thinking a lot about these 'opposites' which occur in our yoga practise and how we can work towards finding that balance between them. Finding this balance can create more space for the body and mind to grow. 

Many times in class I find myself saying 'find length and ground down, connect with the earth', allowing the body to stand tall, yet finding stability through our contact points with the earth. It's got me thinking about all the other opposites in yoga, or those things that seem to be opposites - One breath, two parts. Inhale. Exhale. Left side, right side.  Expansion, contraction. Warm up, cool down.  Active, passive.  It’s all in there! 

Then away from the mat is a whole world of opposites in our lives - happiness, sadness, crying, smiling, laughter, fear. Finding the place in the center of what seem to be opposites and the recognition of both as equal part of the totality of life or as part of our daily yoga practise without getting addicted to one or trying to avoid the other will help us find a little balance both on and off the mat. 

Maybe instead of complicating this, it can just be as simple as using the breath to help us find that centre to bring us back into balance and help us move and flow from one 'opposite' to the other - whether that's from left to right on our mats or moving with the ups and downs of life.

So maybe next time you feel a little out of balance, maybe just take a moment to close your eyes and breathe. 

Just a random little collection of thoughts this Wednesday... 

Jenny Stewart