Cultivating Gratitude


Cultivating an attitude of gratitude reaps multiple benefits in keeping us happier, healthier and calmer.  Lately I've been just feeling extremely grateful for the amazing support that family, friends and all those who come to my classes have provided since moving to the Isle of Wight. I honestly feel so blinking grateful, couldn't have done this without you all.

Gratitude is  such a powerful force that can bring a smile to your face so here's some tips on how to cultivate your gratitude from the lovely people at The Natural Health Hub: 

  • Start your day with gratitude for having been given another day to live. Maybe start a gratitude journal noting 3 things every day which you feel grateful for.
  • Make gratitude a regular habit and you will be able to realise how the universe responds and bestows you with all the good things even without you asking.
  • Always take stock of all good things you have, focus on how they have changed your life and what you might have gone through if you had not received them.
  • When you are overwhelmed by a sense of insufficiency in your life this attitude of gratitude will help you think and feel good about things so you achieve peace of mind and feel contented.
  • When you want to have something in your life be clear about how to achieve it and take positive action to make it a reality. Keeping a journal is useful for this too.

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Jenny Stewart