Yoga on the Wild Side - Take Your Practise Outdoors


“Nature connects us to our roots,” says Dr. Matthew Baral, who led the This Is Your Brain On Nature lecture at the Sedona Yoga Festival. “The grass, the ocean, the trees are all part of our primeval world. It is where we feel most at home.”

One of yoga’s many beauties is that it can be done anywhere so this summer I’m making a conscious effort to take more of my yoga practise and classes into the great outdoors. There is nothing better than feeling that connection with nature as you step outside. I love the feeling of the wind in your face, the warmth of the sun and the power that being outside has in connecting us to the world. The world and its natural beauty passes us by so fast and furiously so often, by taking a moment to step outside your front door or from behind your your desk and find a moment of calm within the power of nature honestly just feels liberating. It’s raw.

When it's just you and your surroundings, you start to notice your senses, it heightens your awareness of your breath, you become more aware of your body and it’s honestly totally energising!

So why not take a step outside today, even if it’s just for a few quiet deep breaths and embrace it!! Alternatively come and hop on a yoga mat whilst the sun is shining over the next few weeks as I take classes outdoors. Watch out for some pop up beach classes too!! 

Jenny Stewart