Why a Regular Yoga Practise Works Wonders


There are so so many reasons to practise yoga on a regular basis, but I wanted to share my top 5 with you, so here it goes.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a regular practise there is no better time to start than now. Yoga does more than burn calories and tone muscles. It's a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation. I promise you won’t ever regret going to a yoga class! I would suggest a regular practise so you can get the full benefits (I do a 6 class pass which means you can sign up to 6 yoga classes and save! - check it out, just scroll down and get your code : https://www.jennystewartyoga.co.uk/weekly-classes/ )

Better Breathing

Many of us have 'shallow breath' and aren't getting the oxygen we should. During a yoga practice, you are encouraged to breathe - not only deeply, but differently. Instead of the usual inhale, which causes us to pull our breath in, the yoga breath fills your body's cavity, resulting in a more breath filling the lungs. In fact, breathing is such a big part of yoga, that just the act of breath awareness can constitute an entire yoga practice.

Increased Flexibility

Speaking of flexibility, there are many people who still think yoga is about twisting your body into a pretzel. Instead yoga, helps you work within your limitations and with a regular practice, helps you gain flexibility by expanding muscles and loosening joints without strain. Both active and passive poses can offer a relaxed stretch and improve your overall range of motion.

Less Stress

If you can find an hour for yoga, you'll find an hour where you can relax, unwind and renew. Yoga's focus on deep breathing and stretching not only work on a physical level, but a mental one as well. Each of my yoga classes generally ends with shavasana (corpse pose) in which you're allowed to clear your mind and lie perfectly still. The result is renewed energy and a happier outlook.

Improved Posture

Computer work, long commute times and even sitting in front of the TV can make our posture worse. Doing yoga on a regular basis not only helps release your back, but loosens tightness in the shoulders and neck area which helps keep your body aligned and straightened. Standing postures stretch the muscles and increase flexibility in the spine and supporting muscles so you can stand up straighter.

Greater Joy in Everyday Life

If you were sleeping better and feeling less stressed wouldn’t you be more joyful?

Perhaps one of the best benefits of a regular yoga practice is the sense of joy that accompanies it.  When you’re feeling healthy, tapping into the intelligence found within and acknowledging the connections between yourself and others, it’s only natural to feel joyful – improving your overall quality of life.

Jenny Stewart